Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Books

Samacheer Kalvi education system was developed mainly for TN board syllabus, which is common for Classes from 1 to 12 of Tamilnadu State Board. It is the unified education system of various school educational systems. The proclamation need for this education system was to diminish the variations between the syllabus of matriculation, CBSE and State boards. The main objective of Samacheer Kalvi education system is to provide the best learning methodology of unified education system for students.

As per the Samacheer kalvi education system, the Government of Tamil Nadu provides the Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi books, which plays a major role for students aiming for better education to score high marks in the board exams. It is the best resource for all those students who are preparing for the Classes 1 to 12 of Tamil Nadu State Board Exam. Moreover, these TN textbooks help the students to cover the Samacheer kalvi syllabus to their depth of knowledge in their academic year.

Maazter app is a Samacheer kalvi app, which is furnished completely with Tamilnadu state board curriculum based teaching. This app will provide easily understandable lesson videos so that the students can even learn difficult subjects in short period of time. Students who feel hard for the subjects on tn schoolbooks, MAAZTER app, one and only 12th learning app is surely the alternative solution for them.

Students often learn concepts from tn textbooks and notes from faculties, from which average students feels difficult to fetch the concepts. In such cases, MAAZTER plays a major role, where it primarily focuses on conceptual learning completely based on Tamilnadu state board books. As Tamilnadu's first Samacheer kalvi app covers the syllubuses of difficult patterns to let the students to have more depth knowledge on the subjects.

Download Samacheer Kalvi Books

The Samacheer Kalvi Books are the primary resource for classes 1 to 12 students, who are learning the education under Samacheerkalvi syllabus. Samacheer Kalvi Books are being distributed by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, Government of TamilNadu and the Samacheer Kalvi syllabus has been carefully formulated by the experts’ committee of Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, which is a directorate of tn schoolbooks corporation to improve the students’ level of knowledge to seek employment more easily as soon as they finish school education. These TN textbooks can be made accessible through online. Samacheer kalvi students can download the tn textbooks through our Maazter samacheer kalvi learning app.

In maazter app, the tn text book based contents were transferred into understandable video explanations. Students can revise the subjects through the MAAZTER videos at the last minute of their examinations. Students gather knowledge only from the samacheer kalvi books and samacheer kalvi guru, but at the present MAAZTER learning app is also providing the tn text books for 11thand 12th students in all the subjects through maazter app. They can easily download their tn school books from this app at anywhere and anytime.