Refund Policy

Our Maazter standard facilitates full payment for contribution in a Program throughout the user registration. The user is liable to check the accurateness of program enrolled-in and compute the suitability and applicability of the enrolled program. Kindly, be aware that the program once enrolled is non-transferable.

Users are recommended to encompass effective internet connection and a legitimate payment mode to pay for any program or products or services provided by Maazter using the Platform. We give surety that payments performed through credit card or any other modes are extremely confidential as Maazter never save your credit card or any other credentials constrained by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to process payment. Moreover, Maazter has united with payment gateways to make payments towards the services.

Intermittently, the user concur that when Maazter’s third-party payment provider saves any type of your credentials, Maazter will not be liable to such storage and it will be exclusively at your diplomacy to permit the third party to stockpile the credentials. In such scenarios, any type of information-loss or any other losses acquired by you as an origin of misusing your credentials from the third-party payment provider will be exclusively a loss incurred by you.

We continue to modify and update our services by adding or eliminating the features, functions and requirements. Moreover, there is a prospect to suspend or stop the service altogether. Thus, Maazter can stop any of your exploited service irrespective of any reason. Upon eradication of your paid Service, refund options can be accessed on per case basis only at the prudence of Maazter.

User should be familiar with our Privacy Policy, Terms and any other related policies or agreements between us, or any pertinent laws. The Maazter stops the accessibility of service, if the user violates or tends to violate any terms or policies. In contrast to this, we may take further actions like legal recourse or elimination of any non-compliant information shared by you.

We not at all entertain refunding the payment under any conditions and no appeal for fee refund is accepted.